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Workwise Corporate Training Solutions is a leader in the South African training and skills development marketplace.
Our world-class learning programmes will increase the effectiveness of your team leaders, managers and teams,
improving service to customers and measurably enhancing performance and productivity.

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Workwise has Full Accreditation from the Services SETA. More than 80% of Workwise's learning programmes are registered.  The Training with Competence-based Assessment, Moderation and Certification with Credit Option allows learners to earn  credits against nationally registered unit standards.
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Workwise's webinars, public courses and
events offer valuable training tips, as well as information about today's workplace challenges and how to deal with them in your organisation.
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Teba Ltd » The Service Essentials courses have made me to even sell Workwise to my friends - that’s how important I see its value!
Investec » The Art of Project Management  - Fantastic facilitation!  Good content!  Especially enjoyed practical components and application of learning to real life projects
SAA Technical » Ignite has added a lot of value to my operation in the company
SAA Cargo » The SMART Process is a very brilliant tool - it’s open and transparent, subordinates are part of the process and they know exactly what’s expected of them.
PSA » Customer Oriented Selling was one of the best training courses I have ever attended.
SA Bank Note Co » The Workwise team leadership training courses were fantastic! The skills are relevant to the changes and diversity in our company.http://e-light-security.jp/guard_japan/section2.htmlフェラチオ ポルノ - http://un-mei.infohttp://xn--48jm9l298kilg8rghvi.com
Discovery Health » One of the strengths of the customer service course is the customer service transaction model.
Medscheme » The Art of Project Management was an excellent, practical learning experience and I will be able to transfer my knowledge!
PSA » The COS sales training workshop helped me to enhance service delivery and reach my objectives and goals.
Glenrand MIB » Number Accuracy & Speed has helped me improve a lot especially on my  accuracy but not forgetting about speed!