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Workwise Corporate Training Solutions is a leader in the South African training and skills development marketplace.
Our world-class learning programmes will increase the effectiveness of your team leaders, managers and teams,
improving service to customers and measurably enhancing performance and productivity.

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Workwise has Full Accreditation from the Services SETA. More than 80% of Workwise's learning programmes are registered.  The Training with Competence-based Assessment, Moderation and Certification with Credit Option allows learners to earn  credits against nationally registered unit standards.
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Workwise's webinars, public courses and
events offer valuable training tips, as well as information about today's workplace challenges and how to deal with them in your organisation.
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SAA Technical » The management training courses are worth every second spent and I really would recommend them to others!
WBHO » Number Accuracy & Speed was brilliant!
Medscheme » Art of Project Management is a great course and I would definitely recommend it to managers and team leaders – it is for everyone
Growthpoint Properties » I’ve grown so much in the MDP and am using what I’ve learnt on a daily basis - it has improved my all round performance as a manager
PSA » Customer Oriented Selling was one of the best training courses I have ever attended.
Medscheme » After doing Art of Project Management I now understand the lingo and how to plan and manage a project
Metropolitan Health Group » I am of the opinion that in attending Number Accuracy & Speed, one acquires a skill that is very rare to find.
Growthpoint Properties » I am using what I’ve learnt on the MDP on a daily basis and my team is benefitting too and running better as a whole
SAA Technical » I will be able to apply what I have learned in all spheres of life, not just work-based
Teba Ltd » The Service Essentials training courses are well developed and focused on our actual environment